About Me

Hello and welcome to Inspire by Hand and Heart.  I have been crafting and memory keeping for as long as I can remember.   At a very young age I can recall making candles with my Grandma Dannie Mae and even tried my hand at sewing with Grandma Marion.  When I discovered paper crafting, my world changed.  Photography had been a hobby of mine since high school, so years later when I had children the two hobbies married each other so well, that it was destiny – paper crafting was where I wanted to be.

Everything I’ve learned along my life path has one way or another intertwined with my creative outlet.

Thirty years later, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to begin a new venture in Inspire by Hand and Heart.  I whole heartedly believe that the world needs more kindness.  Almost everything I do has a positive spin or at least a reminder that we need to take a breath and be kind to each other.  I found that creating handmade cards was a way for me to reach out to friends and family for any occasion, even if it was to just let them know they are being thought of.  When I documented my children through scrapbooking, I had no idea how much they would appreciate the albums now as young adults.  My time creating was well spent!

Join me, as I take a deep breath, spread cheer and paper hugs.

-Susan Hamilton

 Photo by Suzette Yoder